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What is a Fiduciary?

Is your financial advisor a fiduciary? Maybe you assume he/she is but it's important to educate yourself on the differences between a fiduciary vs. salesperson.

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Financial Advisors Vs. Sports Coaches

Financial Advisors are often like sports coaches, they help identify big-picture goals and then help align behaviors with those goals. This often takes a lot practice and communication over time. So just like coaches don't go to just one practice to help coach a hockey team during the season…clients should not be a one-and-done transaction either.

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Financial Breakaway Blueprint

When it comes to financial planning or investment management, one-size does not fit all. Everyone has a different risk tolerance, time horizon, and overall goals…so because of that, cookie-cutter solutions often aren’t the answer. Does your Financial Advisor have a process?

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Ryan Hitchcock - Financial Planner

Hello, I am Ryan Hitchcock. I am a Financial Planner here at our firm the High Point Capital Group based here in Milwaukee Wisconsin. We are a firm founded by actual financial advisors who can bring a fresh approach to financial planning: specializing in investment management, retirement planning, insurance, and corporate financial wellness.

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